Our Mission

HEPA’s mission is to promote the hazelnut sector development, support to quality upgrading of Georgian hazelnuts, promote and boost export capacity for the EU market and worldwide. advocacy for business development at local and international level, assist association members in identifying and solving tax and legal issues, provide trainings to increase competitiveness and capacity development, support members in marketing issues.
HEPA’s priority actions are to establish business partnerships with the EU companies, attract investments, acquiring management competence and skills for international cooperation, build capacities of the companies to comply with the international standards, adapt new technologies in production. meet the requirements of CUM. create Georgian standard of hazelnuts. promote it at international markets through participating in trade fairs and exhibitions.

HEPA closely works with governmental agencies, donors and financial institutions. international development projects and etc.

The association is a board member of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GGGI), recently joined the International Nut and dried fruit Council (INC). is a member of Export Development association. international forum of Hazelnuts formed by the international organisations, hopefully will become a member of the very soon.