Hazelnut Processors and Exporters Association of Georgia (HEPA) was established on 31 December 2013 by the initiative and support of USAID programme - Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI). The association brings together 29 companies in the hazelnut processing sector. The hazelnut sector is one of the major and promising sectors for agriculture and economics of the country. This factor stipulated the need for establishment of the association. The mission of HEPA is to promote the hazelnut sector on the local, as well as on international level, to assist Association members in identifying and solving tax, financial and legal issues, offering special trainings to increase quality of nuts, competitiveness and support members in marketing and sales issues. Besides said, HEPA informs and educates exporters regarding market information and closely works with governmental agencies, donors and financial institutions to ensure effective operation and implementation of its responsibilities.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of HEPA. Membership help the HEPA to reach the foundational purposes which are: to be the source for information on Nuts for Health, Nutrition, Statistics, Food Safety, Government Standards and Regulations regarding Trade Barriers and Agricultural Quality Standards. HEPA mission is to promote the hazelnut sector development, support to quality upgrading of Georgian hazelnuts, promote and boost export capacity for the EU market and worldwide, advocacy for business development at local and international level, assist association members in identifying and solving tax and legal issues, provide training to increase competitiveness and capacity development, support members in marketing issues.


Any legal and physical entity that is involved in hazelnut processing and exporting and agrees with the statute can become a member of the association.

Interested entity applies to the board with the request. The Board makes a decision within one month of receiving the application. 

The membership fee is determined by the General Meeting of the association.