EURONUTS-2009, Ltd

  • Gamsakhurdia str 151; Zugdidi, Georgia
  • (+995) 591 29 88 29

L.T.D “EURONUTS-2009” is an enterprise that produces ecologically pure Georgian hazelnut best of breed ( Anakliuri) products in Western Georgia, namely in Samegrelo region – Zugdidi.

L.T.D “EURONUTS-2009” has its own best varieties of raw materials (Anakliuri) plantation, which is planted on 300 hectares of land.

L.T.D “EURONUTS-2009” carries out the protection of nut trees from pests in medium and large plantations of farmers within the enterprise periodically with the fetal collector technology, also ensuring the provision of fertilizer with specified technique, such as fragmentation technique, herbicide spray technique and equipment for the shell hazelnut cleaning. Also, the enterprise makes selective purchases of the best varieties of raw nut products ( Anakliuri) from Samegrelo regions to process it for export hazelnut hearts with the quality of Euro standards and makes its realization.

L.T.D “EURONUTS-2009” has sufficient experience in European and Asian (In Europe: Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine; In Asia: Kazakhstan, China …) market, which allows to improve and develop modern production technologies.

L.T.D “EURONUTS-2009” creates 100 permanent jobs, while 2 times more people are employed indirectly. The enterprise provides complete industrial system (Turkish, Italian), where the hazelnut purchase, processing, SALE is oriented in any European and Asian country with the delivery guarantee (insurance) and is reliable for any country Business Partner.

L.T.D “EURONUTS-2009” – the enterprise is equipped with the latest technological equipment of high quality Euro standard.

L.T.D “EURONUTS-2009” purpose is to promote high quality production and export to European and Asian markets; maintain the place of Georgian hazelnut raw materials.

The enterprise produces 1500 tons selected nut kernels.